I was recently given the opportunity to check out Based Professionals before their launch, and all I have to say is wow. It is not like any other professional network I have ever come across. They have done an extensive job creating a comprehensive ecosystem designed to facilitate seamless connections between professionals, companies, and institutions.

Whether you're looking for a new job, seeking a mentor, or interested in just scouting the market, Based Professionals is the most accessible and easy-to-navigate platform for all.

Unique Features of Based Professionals:

Mindful Professional Networking

You can tell that they have put a lot of time into addressing underlying factors and are focussed on connecting professionals, companies, and institutions that deeply align with your skills, values and experiences. It is a place created to connect with the right people to help you be more in control of your career journey.

A prime example of their innovative approach is the "Manage My Network" feature, a distinctive tool designed to maximize networking efficiency and create more meaningful connections.

You’re able to swiftly keep track of your incoming connection requests and respond promptly. This feature also allows people to build their network strategically, choosing connections that align with their own professional goals.

You get a clear view of your existing connections and can efficiently manage your network and deepen relationships. This is a simple yet powerful feature that makes sure you never lose track of your growing network.

Finally, the ability to see who is following you and whom you are following. This two-way feature fosters transparency and encourages active engagement within this community.

It prioritizes connecting you with your colleagues, past employers, alumni from your schools, and potential collaborators. Opening doors for invaluable opportunities to create new partnerships.

For Based Professionals, it's not just about finding a job - they are focussed on helping you cultivate a network of like-minded professionals to learn from and grow with. To help you make ever-lasting connections.

Tailored To Your Needs

Powered by sophisticated algorithms, their platform enables you to discover your dream job based on your unique skills and experience.

There are countless categories to explore, from accounting and aviation to fashion, architecture and planning, they've made job searching efficient and easy to navigate.

Simplifying Your Hiring Journey

Employers are able to leverage the platform to post job ads and match with millions of potential candidates. You are able to specify things like skills, industry, the requirements and so many other factors that you're looking for, and let the perfect employee come to you.

It has a streamlined job posting process, coupled with an extensive user base of driven professionals which ends up dramatically accelerating the hiring process.

Created With The Users In Mind

Among many of the outstanding qualities of Based Professionals, one aspect that impressed me the most was the simplicity and intuitive nature of the feed and the landing page design. See for yourself:

It has such a calming, uncluttered and user-focused interface making navigating the platform a smooth experience.

  1. Search Functionality: At the heart of the landing page, the search bar is designed for maximum utility. Whether you're searching for a person, a job title, or a company, the smart search bar delivers quick and precise results.
  2. Streamlined Navigation: On the left panel, we have the options such as 'Home', 'Bookmarks', 'Job Applications', and 'Profile' which makes navigating the site as straightforward as can be.
  3. Company Page Creation: Creating a company page is accessible and does not require jumping through a million hoops or different login portals to set up. No, it’s simple and allows there to be a connection with clients and employees with ease. This feature seems like it was almost designed to enhance visibility and break barriers.
  4. Post Creation: Start a post or upload media such as videos and documents to share your thoughts, insights, and professional achievements with your network. What better way to share values and invoke engaging conversations than to talk about things that one is passionate about and then have an opportunity to work with those same people to create things that serve a purpose?

It is really obvious that Based Professionals has done an excellent job creating a unique and enhanced experience for professionals around the globe. They are a pioneering platform designed to facilitate a dynamic connection, to help people break out of rigid job search boxes and add a humanness to each job applicant/employer.

It is a place for mutual growth and professional development, their mission is to redefine how professionals connect, learn, and progress in their careers.

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