If any Christian man thinks they can be a shy guy (and I'm not talking Yoshi), they're sorely mistaken. Male shyness is just another buzzard pecking at the decaying body of Western masculinity.

Globalist consumerism has created a generation of pudgy; soft-spirited men who fear all forms of confrontation — including verbal confrontation.

The ancient greek philosopher Plato says it best, "nothing in human affairs is worth any great anxiety." Yet young men are getting anxious over a mere conversation, and it's because shyness is endorsed and encouraged by our Godless culture.

Mom Junction published an article back in December — offering "21 Golden Tips For Dating A Shy Guy." Here's a platinum tip for women: don't date shy guys at all.

One of the article's so-called "golden tips" is to "make the first move." On what planet does a woman find it attractive for a man to be too afraid to rope her into his arms?

Women prefer to be in a passive role in relationships. If a man takes on that role, he destroys the cat-and-mouse dynamic of traditional courtship that women love. To do such a thing, much less promote it, is unnatural and bizarre.

Another tip advises women not to"mistake his silence for aloofness." Uh, why not? What is more aloof than a person so absorbed by his own cowardice that he can't even speak his mind to his woman? This, once again, usurps a woman's desired passive role and forces her into a position she won't want to be in.

Perhaps the worst advice this article gives is "love him the way he is." There is no greater poison for a healthy relationship than radical acceptance. No party (male or female) ought to be accepting of the bad behavior of their significant other.

The goal of dating ought to be marriage, and the ultimate goal of a marriage ought to be getting your spouse to heaven, obviously. So isn't it also obvious that both parties need to be in constant communication with one another on how to abandon their vices and build their virtues? Here's a hint: yes, and it means changing each other and sometimes demanding changes from each other.

Saint Paul Writing His Epistles - Valentin de Boulogne

Communication is done differently between men and women though, especially given the woman's natural desire to play the passive role in the relationship.

This is why Christian men are called to be the head of their families. St. Paul writes: "For the husband is the head of the wife just as Christ is the head of the church, the body of which he is the Savior" (Ephesians 5:23). This means manhood comes with profound expectations of courage and responsibility.  There's no room for shyness.

Men suffering from low self-confidence are rarely men of action. In all honesty, this ought to be worked out before they even try taking on a wife. How can a man be expected to help lead their woman to heaven if they ardently fear healthy discussion and problem-solving in their relationship? Moreover, does any woman actually want a man who isn't proactive in building the relationship up by fixing its issues and making it stronger?

Women love a handyman... but take that to a deeper level. Handymen work tirelessly to fix physical problems in the home, and women find it equally attractive when they can do those same things for them emotionally. Women are attracted to decision-makers who take the lead.

As Dr. Jordan Peterson so eloquently points out, "women are more agreeable than men." But let's take this data point a step further; isn't it good that women are more agreeable? Isn't it a testament to the fact they are designed to be in union with men who are, in turn, designed to make tough decisions most women don't want to, or can't, make?

This is precisely why masculine men do not have the luxury of being silent or demure. That is the expectation of wives, not husbands. We live in a fallen world filled with trials and tribulations we all must overcome, and it's men's duty to protect our ladies from evil.

Men who don't take the lead leave a woman surrounded in enemy territory, unequipped to handle the demons swarming the household and looking for a way to get in.

Yes, there is a billion-dollar industry devoted to ramming the rifle-wielding "Warrior Bella" down your throat, but as Eminem tells us in his hit single Lose Yourself, "Snap! Back to reality."

The secular world eats single women alive. It will beat, batter, and abuse her at every turn. And that, girls, is why you will feel asphyxiated in a relationship with a shy man; he won't be able to protect you and you'll know it.

Harry Styles at Guardian Weekend in 2019
Harry Styles at the Guardian Weekend, 2019

Who do you want with you when some drunk loser grabs your butt and won't leave you alone; the man who can bench his body weight or the shy guy dressed like Harry Styles that can't muster the courage to tell him to piss off?

If you want a life partner that sticks around, solves problems, and keeps you safe from the wickedness and snares of the devil – it's time to get more serious about what you need; a guardian.


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