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Joseph Enders

Toxic Shyness Plagues Men

If any Christian man thinks they can be a shy guy (and I'm not talking Yoshi), they're sorely mistaken. Male shyness is just another buzzard pecking at the decaying body of Western masculinity. Globalist consumerism has created a generation of pudgy; soft-spirited men who fear all forms of confrontation — including...


Why You Should Marry Young

Getting married is a big decision, let alone getting married young. It is a step up in every relationship. I do think that getting married young can be an experience that strengthens your relationship. It really comes down to the two people entering this sacred bond and their readiness for...


The Modern Dating System Is Broken

The Modern Dating System Is Broken0:00/2:291× A few days ago, a girl went viral on Twitter for voicing her disappointments with the modern dating system on the Whatever podcast. People were quick to judge her, whether it was through mocking her poor communication skills or commenting on...

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